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It’s all about CCB

CCB is an independent coin, not an ERC20 token. Why is that important?

Unlike most cryptocurrencies distributed for a specific platform, CCB is open-source and available to be used by independent developers. Payment gateway seuva scheduled to launch in 2018/2019 and the soon to launch Boring Mart are just two systems being built upon the independently distributed open-source code CCB.


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Cryptocurrencies are yet to see integration into the mainstream, and currently stand idle outside of major commerce. Obstacles preventing the leap are:

  • Volatility
  • Insecurity
  • Inaccessibility
  • Non-dynamic usability
  • Inconvenience
  • Uncertain legal future (unregulated securities risks)


Platforms making use of Cryptoclub Coin are independents of CCB’s original development and distribution. Fewer legal restrictions exist if the underlying currency of a system bares no resemblance to the distribution of an unregulated security. Widespread adoption requires widespread legal usability.

Major player contributing to the CCB network seuva is an easy to install ecommerce payment gateway that anyone can use to take and make payments online.

The goal of seuva is the base fundamental requirement for mass adoption of cryptocurrency, which is: Cryptocurrency utility to provide accessibility for goods and services as often as possible. Seuva is looking to rival and then exceed PayPal in universal usage. As such, ecommerce is just the beginning for seuva.

Seuva is launching first as an online payment gateway before developing further into a POS (Point Of Service) integration system available for download (iOS and Android).

Bridging the gap between online and offline contracts of commerce internationally will contribute drastically toward reducing the necessity for consumers exchanging cryptocurrency into fiat currency. This goal is essential in pursuing widespread cryptocurrency adoption.

The Boring Initiative is the source of the decentralised doctrine regarding CCB.

From a back office discussion between like-minded but unassociated engineers and finance professionals came the idea of a multi-directional development around an existing, unused cryptocurrency ledger (CCB). Those discussions branched out as: seuva, A Bit Bazaar & Boring Mart.

Nothing in commerce is ever secure. However, the more expansive and convenient a cryptocurrency system becomes, the less volatile the underlying currency will become through volume of actualised utility.

Transaction volume through universal usability. For a cryptocurrency system to transcend the obscure and enter the mainstream as a staple of commerce, there exists the unfulfilled requisite of universal utility comparable with existing utility of fiat currency. Complete accessibility of all resources, goods and services, across all tiers of existing vertical and horizontal integration axis must be the goal of any serious cryptocurrency system. That is the goal of the platforms utilising cryptoclub coin.

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