The platforms proposing to make use of Cryptoclub Coin’s blockchain are independents of CCB’s development, deployment and distribution. So there are fewer legal grey areas regarding these platform’s utility of CCB than if they’d launched utilising their own ICO. The result is greater legal simplicity across universal jurisdictions. Meaning widespread adoption of these platforms making a market utility of CCB, has more intrinsic safeguards against potential government interferences. Safeguards that many platforms utilising platform specific cryptocurrencies (as is the case with most ERC20 token platforms) do not have.

The long-term sustainability advantages of considering this oftentimes overlooked, neglected or even purposely ignored jurisdictional time bomb, is one of the major reasonings for the adoption of CCB as the cryptocurrency of choice within the development of major platforms soon to make use of this otherwise obscure and forgotten cryptocurrency.

A major if not The Major player working toward the redevelopment of the CCB network is seuva. Seuva is launching an easy to install ecommerce payment utility. The initial goal of seuva is to appear as often on websites as its existing rival PayPal. But seuva doesn’t plan to stop there. Ecommerce is only the very shallow beginnings. Following progress toward certain targets, seuva is next looking to launch a POS system that synchronises with what they’ll then already be successfully doing online, toward bringing brick & mortar sales + widespread ecommerce accessibility to cryptocurrencies all under one roof. The reason for this, according to those behind seuva, is to ensure people don’t need to sell cryptocurrencies for fiat in order to buy certain products. What this will eventually mean, is reduced seasonal volatility in the cryptocurrency overall market cap. Seuva’s masterminds say they’re “simply doing their part of The Boring Initiative”, an initiative that we’re all certain to learn about in the months to come.

Nothing in life or commerce is ever secure. However, there are ways to counteract insecurity that have yet to be properly pursued in Cryptocurrency. Seuva, Boring Mart and A Bit Bazaar are working together to fulfill the major requirements holding back cryptocurrency from long term reduced volatility and price security. Boring Mart are looking at supplying the bare necessities, or “Boring Resources” as they’ve described them. Such as Power, Water, Infrastructure and housing for Cryptocurrency through their affiliation with seuva.

Seuva are creating the tools, such as ANAVA (API Network Anti-Volatility & Arbitrage) ‘Trading Bot’. Essentially an extremely sophisticated system of orchestrated arbitrage geared at reducing volatility, ANAVA is seuva’s secret weapon scheduled for full deployment in late 2019, but versions will be tested and released sooner.

To kick things off, very in depth focus has been given to the main obstacles preventing utility of cryptocurrency as a more standardised means of commercial trading.

Those problems before any others are universal convenience and volatility.

Multiple groups are loosely collaborating toward developing means for accessing essential & non-essential resources using cryptocurrency, with one group’s primary focus placed on everyday people having every day access to everyday needs, so they can make use of cryptocurrency everyday.

Seuva PAY & Boring Mart

Seuva is launching an easy to use internet plugin that website owners can very conveniently embed into their shopping cart websites as a means of accepting payments.

Following the introduction of this option will be Seuva POS.

POS stands for ‘Point Of Sale’ and Seuva POS is proposed to be a free downloadable app available on the Appstore and Android Store, that merchants can use in house for tracking their inventory and processing fiat, SWIFT and Crypto sales.

It is largely projected that increased distribution of any commodity through rising usability will decrease the volatility of that which is the underlying asset traded. Seuva is providing some of the tools to make this leap possible using the otherwise abandoned CCB. By utilising a near worthless cryptocurrency, seuva is able to charge minimal present day fees as the value of CCB will exponentially increase as more online merchants adopt and make use of seuva’s payment system.

However, in order to see the necessary confidence crypto needs in the world’s merchants, a Bit Bazaar is in development alongside Boring Mart, to show merchants that earning profits in a seuva backed cryptocurrency can be one heck of a good idea.

To guarantee the confidence needed, CCB had to actually work in models that couldn’t survive extreme volatility, and so - Crypto Club (CCB) was taken from the shelves and dusted off, revealing hidden scripture entitled everything that's needed.

To guarantee the confidence needed, CCB had to actually work in models that couldn’t survive extreme volatility, and so - Crypto Club (CCB) was taken from the shelves and dusted off, revealing hidden scripture entitled everything that's needed.