The intention is to change the way everyday people utilise cryptocurrencies in everyday commerce, so there can’t be any stone left unturned.

For this reason some organisations have opted to use CCB instead of forking their own cryptocurrency.

As long as there is structure in the utility platforms, so they’re stand alone, then what is created will be 100% incorruptible.

And at the same time -

Everyday merchants who wish to pioneer these systems and trade in CCB, sustainably, will be able to do so.

Usability is paramount

The more usable cryptocurrency is, the more usable it is going to be.Vertical integration is expected to follow broad horizontal integration of cryptocurrency usability. If we stretch wide enough, eventually things are going to stack up.

The Boring Initiative is focused on long term access to basic resources (Food, Water, Shelter, Power) while A Bit Bazaar will provide immediate access to peer to peer trading, allowing crypto on ramps to include tangible commodities.

Initially focusing on less essential goods (clothes, linen, luxury goods), before moving onto more essential goods (food, energy, shelter). Both groups are set to tackle different aspects of the same problems, competing with fiat currencies as they stand today with central focus placed on usability. Usability is relative to volatility, reliability, convenience, security and legality. In the instance of commercial usability, increased demand and reduced volatility go hand in hand. Seemingly to solve any of the problems, someone has needed to look at all of the problems.