Boring Mart

Boring Mart is the forefront to the original brainchild and strategic backer of the collectivisation of all CCB relative projects, coined as “The Boring Initiative”.

Those behind Boring Mart have recognised that the main contributor to excess economic waste is an inflationary, corrupted currency distribution that’s poorly managed by fiat bodies of unnecessary bureaucratic wastage.

Boring Mart is the flagship cryptocurrency storefront and example of The Boring Initiative at work. The Boring Initiative speculates that a currency of finite quantitative volume that ascends in usage volume and usage capacity must ascend in value, and as the limited currency becomes increasingly useful, the ascending value will incentivise those trading within this currency to make the least wasteful decisions, leading to reduced planetary waste overall. more informed, and more essentially sustainable purchasers.

CCB is by all means useless, so there is ample opportunity for everyone and anyone to get into the space before the period of financial elevation begins to dissipate, which will greatly encourage ongoing mass adoption.

Renewable energies will become popular if electricity was be more valuable than wasting the trading currency on inefficient means of powering a home or vehicle.