Plugin Source

Sueva Pay is providing simplistic cryptocurrency integration for ecommerce websites.

An easy to use embedding system provides a simple plugin for online merchants. The simplicity of seuva enables everyone looking to sell goods online a convenient entry into cryptocurrency, whilst also creating a commodity for commodity on ramp/off ramp for online merchants and cryptocurrency holders. Merchants will register with seuva, upload their product CSV file, generate their embedding link, and they’re ready to go.

Simple and easy. Simply great

Customers wishing to pay with crypto can register with seuva, transfer their CCB to their seuva CCB wallet and buy from participating merchants by selecting seuva Pay at checkout.

Phishing Net

Seuva Pay purchases produce order codes which customers copy from the merchant website and then paste into seuva after logging in. Seuva then processes the order in the secure seuva node. To double check the URL the customers can copy and paste the URL from the purchase website.

Recommendation Alerts to copy the URL from the address bar will appear.

By decentralising the seuva Pay system, while centralising the systems processing the transactions, seuva Pay is both decentralised where it counts, and secure where it counts. Once the order is legitimized, the customer confirms the order, and the customer's CCB is either transferred immediately or held in escrow depending on the customer’s/merchant’s transaction settings.

The merchants receive the order via email and in their seuva account.

When the purchased item arrives, the customer is asked to confirm the transaction as “complete” and the CCB is released to the merchant's seuva CCB wallet.

Every successful transaction provides a star for both the merchant and the buyer as an automated ratings system. Customers and merchants can review the reputation of each other before confirming any transactions.

What Seuva Coin 2022 Means for CCB

A seuva coin is scheduled for development in 2022. Forking Monero (XMR) to argue an extremely secure privacy coin for their (seuva’s) online transactions. Greater online security through anonymity seuva suggests are going to be the ongoing paramount concern for their users. Seuva coin will be offered at a 1:1 exchange for CCB.

The CCB collected will remain as the domestic node of seuva, processing perfect and secure accounting of all transactions within the network. To access the seuva marketplace, a goal that includes all essential and luxury items, seuva account holders deposit seuva coin into their provided seuva wallet. Online and offline wallet storage will be available, the differences being security and withdrawal processing times. Credits will be based on the user’s underlying seuva coin holdings, and transacted using CCB at a 1:1 rate for simplicity. Seuva transactions will have three layers of ledger. The seuva user base that sends protocols to The CCB blockchain, The CCB blockchain and The seuva coin blockchain.